Sponsorship Opportunities

Wether you are a child or child at heart, you do not want to miss our new & exciting shows and attractions!

We are currently seeking sponsors for the following areas, publications and/or promotions...


Harness Racing

  • Cooler Program - Sponsor a Horse Blanket or Harness Bag presented at Winners Circle after each race. 10 - 12 races per 7 days of racing - Order yours Today!
        Ordering deadline May 15
  • Harness Racing Program - Place an ad in our Harness Racing Program, Programs printed daily during Harness Racing - Over 4700 COPIES in 7 Days!
        Ordering deadline July 25


Shows, Attractions & Competitions

  • Demolition Derby
  • Truck Pulls


Midway Park & Children's Park

  • Band Performances
  • Bicycle Giveaway
  • Please Contact the fair office at 207-474-2947 if you are interested in sponsoring a Bike to be given to a boy or girl during the fair.
    $80.00 covers the cost of a bike, plus your business will be listed on the website as a sponsor, the Bicycle Posters and announced during the drawing. We give away a total of 30 bikes to 15 girls and 15 boys.


Livestock Events & Shows/Exhibit Halls

  • You may choose to sponsor a specific Event, Show or Compitition or place an ad in the Premium Book. Please Contact the fair office at 207-474-2947
  • Premium Book Advertising - Ad Sponsorships go towards printing this book which is FREE to everyone. The Premium Book explains how and what to enter into our compititions & exhibits)
        Ordering deadline March 15


Premium Books Sponsors

Cooler Program Sponsors

Harness Racing Program Sponsors